Za Rušení

Play 04 Play 04 Kez Miqir Liz 4:01
Play 06 Play 06 Kitap Syk Uriel Liz 3:36
Play 07 Play 07 Sodden Raft 2:26
Play 09 Play 09 Tyk Jena Tin Nulu 4:07
Play 13 Play 13 Tetyk Moljaum 3:29
Play 14 Play 14 Nozzle 6:33
Play 15 Play 15 A Serbian Princess 5:33

Initially, this album was to be a collection of "noise" pieces for the infamous Noisevember. The idea was to take a series of between 3 and 5 notes generated randomly by a Bash script as each piece's basis. The concept lasted for less than half of the cycle, but the aleatory spirit lived on.

The music evolved as a unit into something more than a mere month-long writing binge and is collected here as a (hopefully!) coherent whole.

Bob Murry Shelton - Guitar, Modular Synth, Sequencers, Effects, Supercollider, Treatments, Samplers, Dim Inner Glow

Christian Michael Newman - Mumbling, Guitar, Effects, Digital Lettuce Engineering, Dim Outer Glow

Composed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Flavigula

Cover by Christian Copy Copied Failed Close