Za Frigidním Ořem

Play 06 Play 06 Mollusk Pantheon 5:30
Play 11 Play 11 Zipik Tel Qifonis 2:31
Play 12 Play 12 Distended Yak 2:40
Play 15 Play 15 Pakone Tomija Liz 2:10
Play 16 Play 16 Dorsal Vasectomy 4:58

Began with a modular synth until a type of skewed beat emerged. Once the landscape was in place, imagination filled in the details.

Wrenched from the niggulum by Flavigula:

Bob Murry Shelton - modular synth, various other synths, guitar, multitudinous effects, ancient cassette tapes and a view of El Parque de Los Enamorados from the window

Christian Michael Newman - crooning, guitar, fuzz, album art, commentaries, surreptitious recordings and a cat named Lrš


Renata Connors - observations and ideologies

Tim Rowe - recitation Copy Copied Failed Close